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SCULPTURE – “Hackle Scam Populator”


SCULPTURE pretty much ruined my mind with their SLIME CODE excursion (DIGITALIS RECORDINGS) which my friend Chris tipped me to a ways back. Cosmic electronic strangeness, quite thick. That release captured the sounds of a performance/ art piece that the audio/ visual duo had created. Now, Dan Lopatin’s SOFTWARE LABEL is releasing the duo’s first full length record. Handling audio duties is British artist Dan Hayhurst. New Zealand’s Reuben Sutherland handles the visual side of the duo’s output. And thus, as you might expect, video is going to be a prominently featured aspect of the duo’s work together as SCULPTURE. “Hackle Scam Operator” is the first of at least two videos that will probably pass through these parts. The beyond wild strangeness of the electronic sounds heard on that last recording have here been tempered a great deal. This is no run-of-the-mill electronic music, by any means. SLIME CODE was just… SO whacked, that it’s taking me a minute to ease into these sounds properly. Ok, I think I’m ready. Great bass sounds straight out of my adolescent NES-riddled mind provide the backbone for a strange surely, tangent filled no doubt, batch of electronic pop groove. The soaring, shimmering main keyboard melody shines no matter what perverse, fuzzing and buzzing, and clicking static thing it is that is trotted out to interfere with the proceedings. Strange and delightful, and for myself at least, unexpected. The spasm-ing through the wormhole animation by Sutherland creaks and fidgets right in time with its unusual sonic counterpart. Maybe this is what happens to your brain when you watch too much of the TV?? WEIRD. I love it. You just do not hear bouncing, happy strangeness like this! Of course, you will if you listen to and watch this vid. MEMBRANE POP is the name of the full length record that SCULPTURE is releasing. It shall be released on May 13th via SOFTWARE.

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