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After an exciting demo last year, New York’s powerful hardcore luminaries IN SCHOOL have returned with this absolutely essential new 7″. They take their name from a Die Kreuzen song, and though you can hear the influence of that band’s off-kilter, chaotic rhythms and esoteric guitar work, In School are a bit more straightforward and grounded due to the frontwoman Bidi Choudhury’s gruff and furious vocals. All six of these tracks are burly, pounding anthems with some truly great moments; check the more melodic end to the already extremely catchy “Conquest” or the tumbling rhythm of “Knocked Out.” “Apocryphal Scum” is another high point, with its rollicking down beat and Choudhury’s wordy, spat out, and passionate vocals. In School’s music is definitively rooted in hardcore, but something about their sound is still hard to pin down; they seem to be drawing from a large body of influences which makes each of these six songs sound distinct and gives this 7″ great replay value. So pick it up today from Kill Test Records.

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