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Sandy is an NYC-based trio whose debut self-titled cassette dropped at the end of 2014 on the prolific Night People label. The band plays a synthpop/dream pop hybrid that manages to blend the soulful glumness of fellow Night People band Terror Bird with the sound of bands like Cairo Pythian or White Life, reimagining the synthpop of the ’80s for the 21st century. Sandy’s take on this sounds like the downtempo ethereality of Galaxie 500 drowned in shimmering synthesizers.

Very little information is available online about Sandy, a band whose name makes them all but un-Google-able, something not helped by the title of this release. One piece of relevant information circling the internet is the source of the band’s name, fairly apparent given the band’s location: that Sandy refers to Hurricane Sandy, an event essential to the band’s conception. With no shows or upcoming releases listed, I’m not sure what we can expect from this band, but hopefully there is something on the horizon.

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