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Ridiculous, relentless rhythmic noise from an ex-DESIGNER. Really amazing to hear some dank new sounds from Sam Rogich, here going by the name SAM ROG. One of the best guitarists in town while holding it down in DESIGNER, Sam was very good at making his guitar sound like anything and everything but a guitar. As SAM ROG Sam is wading deeply into waters tainted by techno, noise, and experimental dance music. The results are pretty great, groove laden and unpredictable enough to excite anyone interested in the realms of noisy technos and electronic rhythmic noises.

On “Bombay” and throughout, the out of control electronic jank influence of BLACK DICE is deeply felt. This isn’t a knock, it’s just a fact. I wish there were more electronic musicians fucking around in this territory, especially in Boston! “Sacks of Grain” throbs, quaking in unknown area codes while giving nods to ERIC COPELAND and CONTAINER. It slowly forms, flesh, filling out a minimal, too-slow-to-be-techno, skeleton.

Let’s definitely have some more of this ok? Boston is full of many amazing electronic and noise musicians, but I’d love to see more electronic rhythmic noise happening. We’re doing the International Noise Conference – Boston edition on 7/1 @ a new space in Allston, hopefully SAM ROG will be playing. Keep your eyes PEELED.

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