Sadie Dupuis and Devin McKnight of Speedy Ortiz Talk Vegan Eats & Tour Highlights

photo by Shervin Lainez


Sadie Dupuis and Devin McKnight of Speedy Ortiz were kind enough to sit down with me at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon to chat with the Boston Hassle about their second full-length studio album, Foil Deer , and how their tour has been so far. The band was pretty stoked to be playing in Portland and had already checked out a few of the city’s local vegan hot spots. Did you know Sadie is a vegan? Did you know she still lives in Allston? Speedy Ortiz headlined and were supported by openers Broken Water (who are playing a 6/30 show for the Boston Hassle w/ JOSS, Ian , Phantom Rides @ Out Of The Blue Too Gallery 9pm All Ages $10!!), and Alex G.

Boston Hassle: How is the tour going? Any highlights so far or any venues you are looking forward to?

Sadie Dupuis: Tonight’s a good one. We’ve got some friends in Portland. Look forward to playing with Broken Water. They are doing two nights with us.

BH: You are originally from Northampton, are you still based out of Allston? How do you like the area? What attracted you to Allston?

SD: Two of us live in Boston. We’re all over the place because we tour so much. I’m vegan and it’s kind of the vegan food zone. I went to college in Cambridge. We’ve played at Great Scott.

BH: How would you compare the music scene of Northampton to Allston?

SD: I mean, most of the bands we played with were from Boston. We feel like we’ve always been a part of the Boston scene like Pile, Krill, Kal Marks, Grass Is Green.

BH: When did you start recording with other musicians and what drove you to collaborate?

SD: This was a side project. I’ve played in bands since I was 14. I never played solo before. I’ve always been in bands. I’ve never played solo.

BH: Did you meet your bandmates in Allston? How did you meet?

SD: I met Devin because our old bands played together before we formed Speedy . We bonded over liking the same bands.

BH: Are there any Allston/Somerville/Cambridge bands you are into right now or would love to play with?

SD: Ursula, Pale Hound, (New England) Patriots or Trespasser.

BH: What musicians have been major influences to you?
SD: My stock answer is Chavez (from New York), Helium, and Polvo.

BH: This is your second full-length studio album, how was it recording? Did it take you long to record?

SD: It was great! Really cool studio with friends of ours. They do a good job. We recorded it in three weeks. Our last album we did in four days, so three weeks was really luxurious.

BH: How was South by Southwest?

SD: It was good. We’ve played it a few times. We ate a lot of tacos!

BH: What would your advice be to aspiring musicians?

SD: Play a lot of shows. Book more shows than you think you should. Be nice to people you meet on tour.

DM: Learn all the songs you like a lot. I think that’s the first step.

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