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Rüz is a hardcore band coming out of St. Louis and featuring member(s) of Sweet Tooth and Lumpy & The Dumpers. Similar in their approach, Rüz takes the cretinous hardcore of Lumpy & The Dumpers and applies it to a more skinhead sound. Blending midtempo street punk riffing with bursts of frantic fastcore fury, the band creates some extremely catchy and dynamic hardcore. The vocals are especially strong on the EP, sounding like a less growled version of the maniacal ravings of Shaved Women, and are particularly highlighted on the track “Bullshit Money.” The final track “Fuck Everything,” on the other had, has one of the catchiest riffs I’ve heard in 2014. Rüz is a strong entry into the Lumpy Records catalogue, as well as the St. Louis punk scene at large. Along with the aforementioned bands and other stellar acts like Rat Heart and Nos Bos, St. Louis keeps pumping out the hits. The flexi is out now on Lumpy Records, and will hopefully appear in the Spotted Race distro at some point in the future. Until then, the EP is available for a name-your-price download from their bandcamp.

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