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Ruined Fortune is the heavy sludge project formed from Sydney’s Nic Warnock and woman of the world Angie Garrick whose debut LP is out on Hozac Records. The record is a series of exercises in murky rock n’ roll primitivism in the lineage of Dead Moon or Royal Trux interposed by various pop-deconstruction experiments. In the rockers, the guitar is gleefully slammed and scraped to its own spastic rhythm, the distortion jacked up to harsh, grunge levels, and the vocals lowered to the point of total obscurity lyrics-wise. It’s a seductive argument for lo-fi as a means of expression; the distorted fuzz abrades the ears in waves of middle-finger-in-the-air catharsis. The mixing says a lot about their intents; the emotional tenor is of the songs is often dark and crude, one that resonates in the concealed, anti-social folds of our brain. According to their press release, Daniel Spencer of Blank Realm and Joe Alexander, of Bedroom Suck Records shared drum duty during its recording sessions, marking it as yet more evidence of Australia’s prolific community of avant-gardsmen.

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