Roger C. Miller – The Big Industry

Having A Blast


[FA’s labyrinthine release history note: This a-
lbum, The Big Industry, was originally released
in 1987 and was re-released in digital form a f-
ew months ago. I knew it seemed out of place.]

Vague desert feeling stirring in the chest. Sen-
se of being dropped into a fighter jet with s-
urround console realm of switches & blinking li-
ghts. Fire worlds await on the dark continent. I
shine aroma of smoldering wood. Pervasive and s-
tretching across the horizon.

I buckle up. Craft waddling under weight of load-
ed missiles. Imminent death. Images of warlords &
the mines on Mars. Colonists kept at bay with st-
range space flowers and holo-desires. Power thou-
ghts projected by limitless sensuous waves. Dead
walls. Portcullis. Mercurial appetites. Random w-

Dropping bombs across cityscapes. Purified by fi-
re. Herb censor spreads purple night legs. Fight-
er pilot with blackebed eyes rushing from pep pill
excitement and bloodlust. “The annihilator butto-
n.” Mission Africa. Follow power lines up mounta-
in to mine return for the night to fry in the bu-
nker. Don’t forget the log. Remember to take a s-

Flickering display reads error in alien language.
Fuck. Explosion. A shadowed figure sits, suddenly
apparent in an aura of exploded hydrogen and hol-
ocaust, under an enflamed tree blowing in the poi-
sonous wind. It’s androgenous smile mummified swi-
ftly. A shift in the air and it crumbles into a p-
ile of orange and green ash.

Mission failed. Game over.

Play again?
Y / N

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