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After the uncertain outcome of Robert Beatty’s battle with musical machinery, thrillingly documented on last year’s Persuasive Barrier, where is there to go? It may be that one of the keys to unlocking that album’s secrets is to look at what came before. In November, listeners should gear up for a look at a few of those compositions produced between 2004-2007.

Beatty has dropped his Three Legged Race moniker for a release of soundtracks to the visual work of datamosher Takeshi Murata. Outside of exhibitions and screenings in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Beijing, the songs have remained relatively unheard.

“Cone Eater” is our first taste, dropping us instantly into a pulsating, shivering void. Sirens escalate the tension around a tapestry of buzzes, tones, and flickering rhythmic teases. This is Beatty at his most extreme (outside of his day job in Hair Police), shapeshifting every sound to give the entire composition a living, breathing demeanor. If you make it out with any sensory possibilities intact, be sure to pre-order Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata from Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples here.

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