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ROB NOYES – Demo 2014


With his recent demo, Somerville acoustic guitar maestro Rob Noyes takes things to the next level of finger dexterity and songwriting. Across a wee 6-track collection, listenable to over on SoundCloud, Noyes shows an impressive ability to conjure a range of moods and harmonies through technical skill. And throughout he manages to keep sight of his spritely little melodies, orbiting each song’s own intricate and repetitious pattern, and spaced out between eye-widening licks.

Noyes kicks things off with a forceful and uptempo earworm called “Shames”, based upon a festive sounding melody and featuring a couple of shifts into minor-key hook territory for good measure. The next and longest track, “Drag 1″, starts out by taking a minimalist approach before expanding into a solemn melody, and wrapping it up with a few slides down the fretboard and a sparse conclusion. Contrary to its name, “You Are Tired ” is one of the most energetic ditties here, giving off some seriously laid back vibes as it casually strolls through a series of sunny passages. “Odembaba” on the other hand is a sad little flower of a piece which leads into the short and stoically ponderous “Skeleton Crew”.

Nothing hits the spot like a good finger-style guitarist going at it by themselves, and Noyes knows how to deliver. Those of you that are into the classic pillars of this style, like Robbie Basho or John Fahey, would do well to treat yourself to Noyes’ demo and whatever else he puts out in the future. These be some gravy noodles.

Catch Rob live in a most natural setting, Allston’s Ringer Park, this Saturday afternoon (6/21) @ the Hassle’s FRESH AIR: RINGER PARK 14′ outdoor show. 12 – 6pm. Acoustic & Electric stage. All Ages. FREE. In the middle of Allston. Performers from all over the Boston underground map and beyond.

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