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Minimal bleakness from underground America stalwart RICK WEAVER. Known well for his video work, though perhaps not as well as he is known for his musical output, with “BLACK MEDICINE: PART ONE” Weaver gives us the descent of a man trying to find himself. With disastrous consequences. Lynch and Cronenberg echo through the chambers of RICK WEAVER’s tale, visually surely, but musically as well, in ways. A chilling reverb doused guitar riff meanders through the dimly lit, corroded corridors of this video release. It is eventually obscured by a growing static, but the reign of noise is only temporary, and the riff returns by the piece’s conclusion to roam once more.

BLACK MEDICINE is a film cycle, and above what we have is, yes, the first piece of the puzzle. When will we receive more for our journey to continue? No one is talking. The music that is found and will be found as part of this film cycle comes from several of Weaver’s recent releases: the amazing BLACK MEDICINE (MORE RECORDS), THE PERFECT MAN, and the upcoming BLUE SKY. Based out of Chattanooga and having used a number of monikers over the years for solo and collaborative projects (DINNER MUSIC, NEW FLESH (coincidence?)) it’s good to see RICK WEAVER going completely strange under his own name (he also currently plays in FORM A LOG). A real weird one this guy, I will be looking out for future installments of this series, as well as whatever other dispatches come from this man’s direction. Giving me the creeps over here. And I like it.

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