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Get ready for this to be in your head all day. “This Time He’s Gone Too Far” is one of many songs you’ll listen to over and over by Minneapolis’ REAL NUMBERS, and you can find it on their soon to be released cassette “What Was & What Is” on ALMOST READY RECORDS.

I’ll admit that when I first heard this band I shrugged my shoulders although upon a second listen I was brought back to my early teen years where I spent most of my time worshiping bands like THE KINKS and THE ZOMBIES. REAL NUMBERS speak to that aesthetic but there is also so much more to their sound. It’s a bit mod, a bit pop, however it’s the sparseness of these songs that makes what this band does really interesting and almost a little punk. I could come up with a meticulous list of specific musical genres to try to pinpoint exactly what it is they’re going for but I’m not going to do that. All I’ll say is that I never would have guessed that this is a present-day band from Minneapolis.

“This Time He’s Gone Too Far” should be the song to make you fall in love with this band. Super simple drum beat and upbeat bass lines are perfectly complimented by clean guitar tones and vocal harmonies…and that guitar solo at the end will probably make your day.

Because this band is so damn good, here’s a bonus stream of a slightly more jagged tune, it even name checks Harvard Square! (Both songs streamed here available on the ALMOST READY tape. I understand that only a small run of these were made so be sure to order soon if you want the chance to get one.)

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