rcuch – Esoterics Vol. 2


It is worth taking the time to mine the basements of the World. The Imperial desire tends to d-

etermine consensus reality. It could be said, humanity is doomed because good people rarely se-

ek power over others. No matter how you choose to spin it, leaders and power are interchangable.

Those that think they are fit to “rule” are ultimately doomed to a life of unfulfilled promises

and shame.

So too this principle is carried over into music. Tastes are determined by trends and what the

market is offering at a given time; synthesizers and guitars are cheap these days. Recording e-

quipment is readily available. Even the lamest musician can record or capture material with su-

ch proficiency that it rivals the most sophisticated producers.

That is why I appreciate the music that turns up that isn’t as polished. The random group of m-

usicians in a basement somewhere that put out music and I happen to come across it. Is it good?

I don’t know. It is some bizarre variation on folk music. A folk music created by a people that

have no real culture, because every time they cultivate one it is perceived as a threat and sy-

stematically destroyed.

This recording features a unique chord.

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