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Is it the shrieking vocals? Is it the eerie, echoing synths or pounding bass line? Is it the mysterious, and maybe (but also maybe not) tongue-in-cheek lyrics? It’s a combination of these things that makes Ravioli Me Away’s jazzy new-wavesque tune “Cat Call” so damn compelling. It’s the kind of song you’ll listen to ten times in a row tonight, just trying to figure out what it all means, before waking up with it stuck in your head tomorrow morning.

Between their gastronomically inspired name and interesting album art (see above), let’s just say London’s Ravioli Me Away has a knack for the…odd. It’s legitimately hard to tell if the band’s penchant for eccentricity is ironic or not, which definitely adds to their appeal. I mean, there’s no way they can be serious, right? Right?

“Cat Call” can be found on Ravoli Me Away’s recent split with Dog Chocolate, available through your local indie record store via Upset the Rhythm records.

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