…and there’s some days where a band like RATSTAB will do just nicely. Sometimes you don’t want to spend more than 60 seconds listening to a song. Sometimes you want total eardrum assault. Sometimes slow doesn’t cut it. Sometimes a really excellent band claws it’s way out of a dirty hole and arrives without warning, kicking screaming and spitting in your face. RATSTAB are exactly that.

Risen from the puddles of vomit outside of the warehouses of Olneyville, these guys have just released a demo that is as raw as the sores on a biker’s ass. It’s a good thing the whole thing is streaming on bandcamp because the physical copies are sold out after like two days, save for a few available at ARMAGEDDON and online at SOAP AND SPIKES.

This band is a shitshow, as proven by this 7 track demo. If I had to pick an absolutely ridiculous adjective to describe them it would be FEROCIOUS. I feel weird getting too wordy about music that sounds like this, so I’ll just say that if you’re into punk rock in short bursts that refuses to slow down, this is a band for you. Please let them play in your basement, ASAP.

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