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Feeling burnt out on domestically released faux-vintage tunes? Need something a little more traveled, a little more world-versed? Oddly enough, Ranch Ghost’s latest 7″ release Turfin is now available via Paris-based label Requiem Pour Un Twister, just the Tennessee to France alley oop nobody saw coming. That said, these are a couple unmistakably American jams, the sort of truckstop diner tracks that would typically convince you of being radio relics from an era buried many decades back.

Lead track “Turfin” struts about like a tug of war showdown between a dusted off garage rock frontman and an exquisitely tuned surf guitar. Regulated by a consistent bounce beat, the singer and the surf licks take equal turns dictating the dancefloor with their rowdy charm. Barely clocking in over 2 minutes, “Turfin” is the mighty little spike any unassuming punchbowl begs for.

On the flipside you will find “Pale Tail”, a much more passive foray into psychedelic wandering. The percussion gingerly gallops along while a guitar hypnotically drifts up and down, hardly making any discernible progress in one direction or the other. This is an aimless mosey through the desert on a closed film set, the makeshift background loop too lazy to display more than three crudely drawn rock formations. It’s a perfect complement to the party that preceded it.

Have less than 5 minutes to spare? Give Turfin a listen and see if you want to support this niche glimpse of garage globalization.

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