QUILT – ‘Tie up the Tides’


Feast your eyes on some mesmerizing eye candy from the space-folk wanderers QUILT. This trippy Boston trio know never skip on the visual stimulation that accompany their spectral grooves, with a history of colorful and captivating videos.

All is dreamy and lackadaisical on ‘Tie up the Tide,’ the new single from Quilt’s new album Held in Splendor. The track features singer Anna Fox Rochinski delivering a subtly catchy melody in her characteristicly wraith-like croon, while a heavily effected rhythm section plods along at a narcotic pace. The song’s mellow, hazy atmosphere is reflected in a layered, swirling montage that tumbles and sways with refracted prismatic light, up-flowing feathers, colored sand, and of course plenty of kaleidoscopic smoke.

Catch these hippiedelic star-gazers as they’re currently ON TOUR, traveling the states throughout February and March, and be sure to pick up Held in Spendor from the eccentric pop peddlers at Mexican Summer.

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