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Pvre Matrix — Drain & Burning Sulphur


Brooklyn’s Daniel Moore has gained a reputation for making some left of center, yet still banging techno over the last few years. But Moore’s PVRE MATRIX flipped the script earlier this year with a PRIMATIVE LANGUAGES release titled Drain. You are more likely to find great subterranean patches of ambient techno on that release than the more common PVRE MATRIX output of crustier relentlessness. The tape’s titular track is a towering and haunting semi-exception, locked in heavily but still of a literally underground sounding sound aesthetic.

Much more recently, PM released the Burning Sulphur 12″ on the essential L.I.E.S. label. Filled with that baaad techno we were alluding to earlier the track starts out all squirrelly medusa face arpeggios, eventually riding that bass drum through almost nine minutes of wonderful electronic sounds. That rattling-yet-muted cowbell. Synth stabs vaporizing into the background mist as the aural space becomes completely filled out.

Two jams. A study in contrasts. 2 impressive, very different releases already this year. Mad solid, PVRE MATRIX.

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