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Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis is a 2-CD retrospective of the cosmic ambient synth output of one Daryl Groetsch of Portland, Oregon. As PULSE EMITTER, Daryl is a talented and prolific builder and recorder of weird electronics. His music features meditative synthesizer drones and more fluid repetitive sequencer lines, presented as masterworks in contrast in a manner that is surprisingly emotional. The recordings stretch as far back as 2007 and come from records originally released on labels including NNA Tapes, Root Strata and Aguirre. Some of the excerpted works fade out rather suddenly, which makes you want to track down the original recordings and hear them in their entirety. In that fashion it works as a great primer for those not yet familiar with PULSE EMITTER’s sound. Many artists release a retrospective like this when they’ve run out of ideas or are coasting on earlier successes. PULSE EMITTER, on the other hand, is an artist who is constantly generating novel new works. Dig these early tunes, and if they strike your fancy, go see what else he’s been up to lately. It’s sure to be worth your time.

Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis is available out now on the Hong Kong-based Metal Postcard label and is available for purchase here.

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