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Puce Mary — The Spiral


With a name that evokes both the vile and the virginal, Puce Mary, aka Frederikke Hoffmeier, has proven herself over the course of several solo albums and a few collaborations to be a singular and determined purveyor of a sort of filthy yet disarmingly personal brand of industrial noise.

The Spiral, her third solo LP for Posh Isolation, showcases a more nuanced and deliberate approach to her signature power electronics.

Standout track “Enter Into Them” sounds hollow and creaky like an abandoned haunted house, while allowing for a more mellow (but still unsettling) spoken word vocal style. “The Actor” starts as an exercise in grating, ear-splitting noise which manages to build itself into greater and greater fury without ever really allowing for resolution or climax.

There is a minimalist dynamic interplay to these songs which draws the listener in deeper, even as all its recognizable musical signifiers appear to be attempting to repel. The harsh peals of static, ugly vocals, and synthesizer drones convey an admirable precision. Not a sound is wasted.

The Spiral is available now from Posh Isolation.

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