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PROFLIGATE – “Laughing Song”


PROFLIGATE is up in our burg (on tour w/ VVAQRT) tonight (11/18) so why not sit with his new video a little? That’s a rhetorical question bub. Noah Anthony is on the verge of releasing a new record on NOT NOT FUN called FINDING THE FLOOR. The album will serve as NOT NOT FUN’s 300th release. Quite a milestone. I haven’t heard the whole record, but you know that it is going to sing with the Philly resident’s singular dark synth pop/ techno approach. A video has emerged for “Laughing Song”, one of the ten tracks found on the new record, PROFLIGATE’s first release since his CAN’T STOP SHAKING 12″. “Can’t Stop Shaking” even makes an appearance, in altered form, on FINDING THE FLOOR.

“Laughing Song” finds PROFLIGATE turning away from the more driving technoid ideas found on that 12″. It is just one song on a full length album however, and that was a 12″ single, so really all of this follows logic! CHRISSY JONES, aka the awesome video artist CHRISSY JONES (see some of her other wild & inventive videos within the Hassle matrix), does the video honors for this PROFLIGATE track. She provides the visual mindbend that you would expect, offering up an array of inexplicable images that are immediately recognizable as hers . The song “Laughing Song” itself is a cold & bumping three minute synth pop affair. I close my eyes and see a synth player playing the keys with his left hand, while to his right there is a Super Mario Bros.-style pipe pumping oozing weirdness into the room. And all track long that right hand of his is futilely attempting to stop the weird bleeding, trying to push the growing scuzz back down from whence it came. I’m definitely feeling the off samples that ebb and flow out of the generally straight pulse. Also feeling those electro toms that come and go. Any follower of Anthony’s FORM A LOG project will also recognize that particular bent laugh sample that is employed here at times as well (perhaps the “Laugh”-ing of the song’s title?). A totally great table setter for getting a hold of that new PROFLIGATE record and spinning/ listening the shit out of it.

PROFLIGATE performs @ SBC tonight (11/18) in Allston. He’s on tour with VVAQRT. Show them and your friendly Boston heads some love.

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