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PRIZEHOG – “Whoady”


Portland-by-way-of-SF doom sludge trio PRIZEHOG are a strange beast, indeed. Their oppressively bodacious guitar/synth/drum attack crawls forth from a swirling, Lovecraftian muck of its own creation with a refreshing lack of self-seriousness, the heavily-processed vocals hinting at the occasional soaring melody buried below before bludgeoning you brainless with an avalanche of pure, glacial volume. To compare it to the likes of HARVEY MILK or THE MELVINS would be apt, but doesn’t really drive home exactly how far-out and original their sound can be.

Submitted for your approval: the video for “Whoady”, directed by onetime Boston resident CINCO SANDERS. The tracks snaps you to attention with its opening siren’s wail and never lets up, creating the perfect backdrop for us to join Newt Gingrich (looking even more grotesque than usual) on a lysergic trip through all the hallmark obsessions of the director’s body of work: goofy surrealist humor, horror movie camp, psychedelic mindfuckery and the most sensational, stupid aspects of American politics.

“Whoady” is from Prizehog’s fifth album RE-UNVENT THE WHOOL, which is available now on Eolian Empire. Be sure to check them out at this Sunday’s blowout matinee barbecue at O’Brien’s, where they’ll be joined by noiser veterans VAZ, Bloomington experimentalist DREKKA, Philly’s UNCLE FRANK and locals RAW BLOW, GOD’S DOGS and KTB (featuring mems. of GUERILLA TOSS and BUGS AND RATS!). See you in the (BBQ) pit!

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