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Drop molten glass into cold water, and you get a tadpole-shaped dollop called a Prince Rupert’s Drop. A material curiosity, it’s strong on its round end, but explodes into shattered mayhem if you tap on its tail.

Drop five contemporary Brooklyn musicians into a lava lamp, and you get a high-energy psych(o)-rock band called Prince Rupert’s Drops. They’re coming up on ten years of playing wavy rock’n’roll that, like the glass they’re named after, stays tight and then explodes at just the right moment.

One right moment is the solo in “Dangerous Death Ray,” newly released in anticipation of their upcoming longplayer, Climbing Light. After three minutes of rocket-fueled drums, cartoon-colored guitar riffs, and entreaties to “run for cover,” an unexpectedly menacing solo crashes down like something worth running from. Slowly ascending backing chords shift the song into higher and higher gear, while lead guitarist Bruno Meyrick-Jones twists in and out, channeling black holes, gamma ray bursts, and evil aliens. Everyone gets home ok in the last 20 seconds.

Climbing Light is due November 11th from Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records (limited edition in “oxblood-colored vinyl”). In the meantime, this song will send you through a few dozen wild space-chases.

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