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When molten glass is dropped into ice cold water, it solidifies into a teardrop shaped piece of nearly indestructible super glass. This mutant glass drop is called a Prince Rupert’s Drop – and it is the bizarre scientific phenomenon that inspired PRINCE RUPERT’S DROPS band name. The psychedelic songs on Climbing Light sound like science experiments, using a formula that takes simple guitar-driven songs and adds in acidic, trippier elements. The instruments are poured and patched together, with choppy guitar lines that come in over drawn-out droning sounds. The songs are grounded by the steady, fairly unmoving baselines and the drums that shake along with the same determined rhythm, heavily punctuated with maracas and cymbals. The psychedelia comes out in the diverse range of guitar noise and the faded, vintage sounding vocals.  The album as whole just as experimental, each song taking on a different vibe. Songs like “Follow Me” aim for a lighter, dreamier sound, using vocal harmonies and echo to create the image of a  scenic walk down a mystical river. This song is ultimately more wistful and nostalgic, an ode to remembering. Other songs, notably “Dangerous Death Ray”, are faster and grittier. There is an urgency caused from the change in tempo, and these songs create more of a hectic feel. When placed together all of these songs take on a heavier, darker feel and though the album may be climbing toward the light, but it has a lot of weight to carry with it.

Climbing Light is available now on BEYOND BEYOND IS BEYOND RECORDS based out of the band’s home base of Brooklyn.

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