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PRIMETIME – s/t 7″


Back to England for some more punk. In this case you’ll be hearing more of a post-punk feel, at least it was called a post-punk sound back when obvious touchstones like KLEENEX or THE RAINCOATS or DESPERATE BICYCLES were making similarly minded, but somewhat different sounding music. PRIMETIME is the band. 4 British women, getting direct. Their shambling punk pop strut is imbued with the spit in your eye, flippant attitude of punk, but also takes more than enough less-than-obvious rhythmic, chord choice, and melodic turns for the post-punk tag to be quite apt. PRIMETIME’s songs are instantly catchy, and on point whatever the band may “be” or not, and compared to their similarly genre line straddling London contemporaries GOOD THROB, they are a good time unit. You can definitely pogo and straight up have a good time to the shaky forward momentum of all 3 of the songs available online from the band’s debut self-titled 4 song EP, which is soon to be released on LA VIDA ES UN MUS RECORDS.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some sort-of-bum out moments sprinkled throughout these tunes, but the way that the band pulls them off, sticking to that walking tempo, makes me want to get moving to the music. “Strange Feeling” has a darker punk approach, and could almost be a slowed, shaggier, female fronted track off of PINK FLAG (until the song’s outro complaint commences). “Last Night” gives me the modern Australian punk vibe of “punks into the Velvet Underground”, singing of city living mundanities (or, at least mundanity). Cool guitar solo. “Tied Down” is the hit of this trio of tracks, a beautifully rough around the edge pop song about laying down the rules for some casual sex. If an audience doesn’t have a blast when PRIMETIME plays this one, then they really don’t know what they are doing. Another cool guitar solo too. London is killing it. Dig in. And grab this 7″, cuz your friend is probably already grabbing for it.

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