Preskool Dropouts — Demo Too


My friend Shawn has stated many times that Boston’s true and only aboriginal music is punk and hardcore. And I agree with him. It is the music that never goes away, that is always in quality abundance here in these parts, and the one musical area where a straight line can be drawn from the Boston of now back on through the Boston that existed when the style or genre was born. I don’t need to get into it, you can all Google and Wikipedia and documentary film watch your way through the Boston punk and hardcore back story (if you need to). What I will touch upon briefly however is the awesome fierceness of this second demo (Demo Too) by Boston’s Preskool Dropouts. Released in early 2015, it follows similarly in the punch-in-the-face-esque vein of their first demo, aka the Preskool Dropouts demo (read our review here). The amazing Twerp Records issued both tapes.

Four songs. Classic sounding HC vocal bark, metallic bass, and tight-as-shit stops, starts, and left turns. This shit is relentless. As it should be. “Paid To Cum” wins the ribbon if you ask me. A chance to utter “dick” many times in a very short song. Besides your classic nods, I hear later era punk bands like Showcase Showdown, and even a contemporary band like White Pages, in this sound. I’ll take Preskool Dropouts right there alongside any of the “stranger” varieties of HC floating around out there today, which these guys seems filled with contempt for. Hardcore is hardcore. This is hardcore. And plenty nasty. I listened to this so much streaming that Bandcamp shut me down and now I can’t listen any more. Gotta do something about that. Go see this band soon.


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