PREMIERE: Guerilla Toss — The String (Wes Kaplan Remix)

An exclusive track from Eclectic Sessions Vol. 1


The scene of bent, even fucked rock-music gushing out the underground of the great NORTHEAST region lately is not unlike a witch being burned at the stake. It’s been on fire for so long now that the townspeople are beginning to see that rather than burn out and die this so-called “noise-rock” hag is actually the real-deal supernatural power us outsiders have been hoping for. Not only will it withstand the flames set by its own people and defend them from boredom but once it tires of being bound, it’s going to explode into a swarm of unwound sounds and immediately seek revenge on us all. Revenge in the form of scorching jams, riotous live shows, and all around more joint efforts like THIS ONE HEREThe Colonel Presents – Eclectic Sessions, Volume 1.

As we consider ourselves a dedicated source for and of such efforts, we are quite pleased to PREMIER the second of only two tracks off this eclectic avant-garde New York compilation to be unleashed before the release of the tape TOMORROW 10/6 at Palisades via Wharf Cat and Ramp Local records.

It’s a little trick or treat by beloved Boston-born band Guerilla Toss, just in time for Halloween as they swoop in for 3 Boston area shows in a row this fall (listed below). “The String” features a dusted-off nugget of hardened jam that got spilt in some basement in Boston at some point during the band’s formative years here. It was discovered not too long ago by local native Wes Kaplan (of The Craters and The Channels) who decided to take this abandoned nug somewhere. And we sure are glad he did. Containing all the spunky drum, guitar, bass, synth and mouth sounds that tickle our toss sensors (ears, ya sicko), “The String” only differs from the normal GToss experience slighlty, in the vibe. It’s got that remix feel if you feel me, that gripping pace and too off-kilter to be human sound collage. In fact, it’s in some ways a lot like what the band is up to lately, sprawling chaotic funk that relentlessly segues from one bad trip to another. Go see ’em live. Let this tide you over in the meantime.


10/19 w/ Buck Gooter, Ursula and Phemale @Club Bohemia

11/7 w/ Flipper, Tyondai Braxton, Ono and more @BOSTON HASSLE FEST 7

11/18-20 w/ Ursula, IAN, Anjimile and more @Boston En Masse

Other bands on the comp include: Banned Books, Big French, Big Neck Police, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Curse Purse, DJ, Dog, Dog Hospice, Gold Dime, JOBS, Palberta, Palm, The Sediment Club, and Show Me The Body

I truly see this compilation as a milestone for the Northeast chapter of the MORE INTERESTING MUSIC movement that has persisted for decades. Wharf and Ramp obviously have their finger on the pulse of the something good and actively work to make this miserable existence better for weird-ass bands. And so too is the compilation’s brainchild and DIY show-thrower Jake Saunders of Colonel Presents who handpicked all the bands based probably on who has kicked the most ass at shows he has put on recently. Or something like that. Thanks for doing your thing fellas! To more bridges between Boston and Brooklyn.

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