A six-pack of art punk sketches with some really great ideas among the lot. Veering from doom crust pop (“Por”), to no wavery (“Yor”), to boiling post-punk (“Boy”), to burnt and vaguely Eastern European-sounding experimental rock (“A”). “A” at a little over 3 minutes is the only track here that moves beyond what otherwise are really just song sketches, snippets of heady, noisy, rhythmic jams (all these tracks do sound really great though). “A” maintains the vibe of a mutant distorto punk jam while presenting several different grooves that evolve from one to another, an undulating post-punk gob.

“bowl” offers the slightest bit of seitan to sink your teeth into out of the tracks here though, riding a nice bass riff, it also offers the most uptempo moment found on this BABY PEE EP. “wiffle tent” rounds out the the EP with a jam that comes across as the most muffled-practice-room-recording of all. Surely all of these takes are snippets of practice seshes, so I can’t be too critical of this EP. For what they are, these jams have magic, and the band that made them PORYORBOYA BOWL, from Boston, clearly have a bit of that supernatural slather stored in their facility where they apply it to the post-punk and no wave scuzz they make out of drums, guitar, bass guitar, the odd ethereal voice, and a little bit of saxophone. A weird little introduction to, if my ears do not deceive me, a pretty cool band. Great to hear local unknowns (to me until NOW!) playing around with these nasty ass, scuzzy “troglodytes playing CRASS” sounds.

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