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A band after my own heart, Cambridge-based White Pages have been spitting out irreverent, short-and-sweet garage/punk anthems via short-run cassettes and 7”s for the past couple years on local labels like Can’t Stand Ya and Thirsty & Miserable. Their approach is direct without being heavy-handed, and exhibits a rawness that’s more “bursting at the seams” than “rough around the edges”. Their latest is a now-exclusive digi-single available through La Parca featuring two tunes cribbed from a super-limited tour cassette: “Loose Lips Eat Chips” and “Just a Warm Home to Fill”. I got the chance to see them rip through a set that included these lovelies at last month’s Tyvek show, and you can rest assured that they boast some seriously knee-skinning, crash-and-burn hooks. As on other releases, the call/response vocals from guitarist Joe and bassist Christine are a highlight, bouncing between the playful yelping of bis. or early-B-52 freakouts and the strained shouts of Mika Miko. Simon pummels the drums, blasting through songs that strain to even break a minute. White Pages take it out, chop it up, glue some of it back together, then set it on fire. Sick!

HOMEGROWN 4: BOSTON HASSLE FEST is happening on November 2nd and 3rd @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge @ 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Central Sq., Cambridge, MA.

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