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PITRELEH (Duane Pitre + ELEH) – “Enclosure: Wave Ramp”


From Massachusetts’ own incredible IMPORTANT RECORDS (Groveland, MA) comes the recorded offering of the meeting of Duane Pitre and ELEH, PITRELEH. Both sound manipulators have previously recorded for IMPORTANT, ELEH copiously so. And, so, you know this is going to be a deep, exploratory affair in sound. Noted electro-acoustic sound artist and composer meets analog drone all and nothing void soundtracker and we get a dense, literally beyond our ears, otherworldly experience. Who made this video? I have no idea. Maybe no one made it? Perhaps it simply fell to us from the dimensional opening that must be created when this sculpted, mesmerizing music is played. The mysterious ELEH is well, and long known for their extreme minimalist take on analog synthesizer music, exposing the intricacies of sound by almost wholly reducing the confusion of what constitutes most music. Pitre, too works with drones, but his dense and multilayered works are far more varied in approach and instrumentation. Together as PITRELEH they work in drone, colorful, impossibly dense drone created using digital and analog equipment tweaked for maximum sound exploration. If “Enclosure: Wave Ramp” and its matching visuals are any indication then PITRELEH’s is music that I’m going to need to spend a loooong time digesting in order to more fully feel and hear and experience all that is taking place between, and below the descending synth drones, and the dancing tones, high and low, that melt and grow across my ear’s plane as I listen. Demanding listening truly. If you don’t have a decent pair of speakers, put on some headphones, and whatever you do do not try to listen to this on computer speakers. All nuance, and this is ALL nuance, will be wiped away if you are able to even hear much of anything at all. This is the kind of music listening that, someone like myself at least, could use a manual to navigate. Highly recommended. Feel it.

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