Phurnne – Western Ma. Sessions


I’m sure it feels this way all across the United States, as well, but it seems Massachusetts is evolving in and against the stranglehold of a Native American curse. I’ve been told there are people that have never left their respective cities. Maybe that is part of the prophecy. It would make sense.

It’s interesting, really. “Why would I ever NEED to leave the city? Everything is here.” As if the city was designed to attract and trap people. They may be complete strangers that you ignore as you travel about but there is security in their multitudes. A guy gets stabbed outside of the station downtown. Everyone gets uptight, but passes by. It’s normal to be normal. Unity of purpose; the platonic ideal. Some shit.

There is weirdness in the yonder regions. It doesn’t matter if you are in the womb of your city or in the forest petting heavily in a cave. Seek weirdness and novelty and you will find it. But you’re more likely to be abducted by aliens alone. In the middle of a field.

The problem is everyone that gets abducted by aliens is so eager to tell other people about it. And so you have a bunch of people on the tops of buildings trying to summon UFOs AKA their own insanity. It’s only pure if you aren’t expecting it. When there are no illusions. It’s how you discover moles; release disinformation and watch as it travels around. See who buys into their own bullshit.

It’s called evil and it’s there to distract you. Or amuse you to death as it slowly consumes you. I don’t know, man. I’m just writing this.

It appears this recording is actually a couple years old, our mistake, oh well. – ed.

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