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Los Angeles-based producer Neal Reinalda has been steadily creeping around the shadowy zones of the ‘net for a second here – his work for both NNA Tapes and Noumenal Loom has been highly regarded and consistent. Reinalda, who operates under the acronymous pseudonym PHORK (People’s High Order of Royal Kinship – ???), returns to NNA for his first vinyl release, High End.

“Contact” breaks the door down for us. Reinalda describes his work as “surrealist,” and you can hear it here, but it is a stark surrealism, more Man Ray than Dali. We have a synced up transport sample, some kids playing in the background, and a short-slice vocal note that sticks around till the very end. Pristine drums provide the motor for pinging, high-def chords. Clouds give way to the tease of cohesion – more vocals are piled up, energy is ramped. A reverbed out bark adds a drop of noise to the otherwise spacious production.

Marco Braunschweiler’s accompanying video marries the Phork ethos with a perfect post-nothing collage. Human and animal movement is thrown down in favor of more videos about buildings and food. This is dance music imagined for the perfect new human – clean because never dirty, high because never low. Sinister only in its hallucinogenic perfection. High End is out June 10th.

PHORK, “CONTACT” from Marco Braunschweiler on Vimeo.

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