Phenomena 256 – Final 256 (Double Live)

It's boats opened before me


The drummer sounds like a good guy. Plenty of support wh-

en needs and always enthusiastic. Playful. Ready to take

a walk by the stream and have a laugh.

Musically a nice ensemble. I realized halfway through I

wasn’t hearing bass. A few minutes earlier I realized b-

oth guitars were “soloing”. One with strong spring reve-

rb. Shades of the Elevators.

There is a direct reference to Red Krayola. “Transparent

Radiation”. Parable of the Arable Land was bestowed upon

me at a young age and I was directed to the line, “Eating

Babies For Nourishment”. The person pointing this out, as

it passed into my hands, had a disturbing glint in their


“The first time I heard it…”

The Elevators are a gentler sort of entity. Stacy Suther-

land of Echoplex virtuosity and fame is the best guitari-

st. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to take the UFO out

for a spin.

Even so, I thought, if everyone just stuck to the Acid S-

py larp and didn’t get into dope things would be better

today. Stacy was the best before Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix’s

first album, “Love Or Confusion”, has the greatest guit-

ar sound of all. But, in the tan leather frill period, i-

t got ugly.

I blame the dope, and the Acid Spies that turned out to

just be spies. We export this culture to repressive re-

gimes all over the world. The more extreme, even though

we chastise it, are symbols of freedom. Or decadence. A

sober person might recognize it for the decadence. This

is where dope comes in.

Brainwashing the young into thinking drugs are in some

way spiritual was necessary to invent the middle class

dop market. I doubt this was Leary’s motivation, even

though later he advocated dealing as an revolutionary

excercise, but the result is the same. The creation of

a new criminal class. Sacrificial pawns in a war they

don’t/can’t understand.

This jam is a nice time travel session. It starts in

Elevator Land and degenerates rapidy – beautifully I

might add – into a manic crescendo followed by a cov-

er of the Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray”. There is

a recording of their rendition of this from the Bost-

on Tea Party.

The same person that gave me “Transparent Radiation”

at a young age informed me that White Light and Whit-

e Heat were references to heroin and amphetamines, r-

espectedly. This was news to me, and it made me unco-

mfortable. I first heard the Velvet Underground in a

skate video. Tom Penny skated to “Venus In Furs”.

The line, “She’s sucking on my ding dong”, from “Sis-

ter Ray” always appealed to me in it’s grotesque sil-

liness. It inspired awkward glances between me and my

Mother as we would drink strong liquor. Listening to

new records. She would taunt me when the music was t-

oo ridiculous. I was always on edge listening to new

music. The liquor helped. At first.

“Ding dong”.

The drummer sounds like a good person. I smell like


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