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Talking ’bout DIGITALIS RECORDINGS‘ recent release of PEDER MANNERFELT‘s first full length record LINES DESCRIBING CIRCLES. An industrial wasteland of sounds with a constantly obscured kick at the center of it all. The record is full of harshness, bastardized sounds warped into a fuzz filled misshapen ooze. PEDER MANNERFELT has created techno under the moniker of THE SUBLIMINAL KID for 7+ years, and has more recently issued synth and drone experiments as part of the duo ROLL THE DICE. With this first full length released under the Swede’s given name we find ourselves already deep within the grime coated passageways of dark. Crackles, and creaks. Melody lost in scuzz. Queasy repeating vocal loops that only lead to the hopeless sounds of the limits of human knowledge of this multiverse (despite new cosmological breakthroughs). Each track here is itself a warped world of some kind. Static and chiming tones, and a forgotten memory of a dance beat (“In Place Of Once Was”). A spreading industrial wash increasingly cleansing its container of its rhythmic tendencies (“Lines Describing A Circle”). A stuttering patter evolving against a siren and its fallout rippling out into the expanse (“Derrvish”). These are dark, and antagonistic sounds that never abandon the full back story of their creator; but in their insistence to be, go a good ways in telling a new story, or at least the beginning of one.

DIGITALIS is always on their game, and continues with this release to prove themselves one of the U.S. and the world’s most well kept and thoughtful experimental music labels. LINES DESCRIBING CIRCLES follows up the very recently self-released PRODUKTIONS EP from MANNERFELT as he ventures yonder into distorted and minimal pathways of the mind and of the earth. I wish him well and will be very interested to check in on where this path takes his wayward electronics.

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