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Peach Kelli Pop — “Heart Eyes”


The brilliant Peach Kelli Pop, whose last album made my end-of-year list for this very site, are back in 2016 with a new video for that album’s ebullient “Heart Eyes”. The tune combines girl group harmonies and surf touches with a propulsive energy that has more in common with the classic Lookout! Records pop-punk albums of the mid-’90s and Killed By Death-style ’70s garage punk. It’s very poppy. It’s right there in the band name, for crying out loud. Thankfully it’s not overly saccharine, though, thanks in part to the downbeat, broken-hearted quality of band leader Allie Hanlon’s lyrics, and in part to the bash-it-out, stripped down playing style.

The video clip, produced by LA’s all-female SHEVIL film collective, finds the group in full girl-gang mode. They spend a while chasing and haranguing a cynical and unimpressed leather-clad punk rock boy, until he finally breaks down and agrees, it appears, to join some sort of cult with them. It fits the tune nicely, especially the beach scenes. PKP are a band I’d definitely want on the mixtape in my boombox a few months from now, when I invariably find myself up in Hampton Beach or down at Nantasket.

“Heart Eyes” is on the album III, available now from Burger Records. Peach Kelli Pop will be playing in Cambridge, MA on the 14th of May at the Middle East (Upstairs).

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