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PC Worship — “My Lens”


I would not think that it is the easiest place to exist, at the precipice, of the intersection, between experimental forms and formal song structure. There’s an innate tug in one direction or the other, which makes it very difficult to keep one’s balance there in that space, that misunderstood, and not very well known, area.
PC WORSHIP man, that place? That place is all they know. They’ve never been anywhere else. Their music is KASPAR HAUSER. (Or for fans of Hollywood) their music is ENCINO MAN. Their music is definitely far closer to HAUSER though, just so there’s no misunderstanding.
The sounds bound together within the band’s latest offering, “My Lens” (one of 4 songs on a soon to be released EP on NORTHERN SPY called BASEMENT HYSTERIA) offer a vibrant array of timbres. The guitars (sludge coated and junk blues acoustic varieties), the sporadic spit of background crackle and hum, the voices (love the backing vocals).
As a song “My Lens” is a shockingly (13 minutes) stretched out framework, acid in the desert, acid rain tears, modern composition infected by the dusty spectre of country, and blues. Seemingly a music intellectual’s nightmare, or maybe it’s just time? Join the party, PC WORSHIP is a deep band that you can go see play RIGHT NOW.

PC WORSHIP plays BOSTON HASSLE FEST 7 Night 1 on November 5th, 2015.

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