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Palm — Ostrich Vacation


With all the madness and complexity of the world around us, you’d think we’d chose the safety of a pop single to end the day. You know, take a little break. But alas, we just want it to keep on raining. I saw Palm at a show in Boston a few whiles ago and was really blown away. Unreal synchronization that was simultaneously being disrupted by other happenings onstage. It was chaotic and wonderful.

This album captures the feeling of disorientation they do so well live. The listener is guided through a seemingly haphazard soundscape to destinations unknown. Ostrich Vacation (JMC Aggregate) is composed of two tracks, corresponding to each tape side, which contain multiple songs apiece.

Described as a “collage of music and sounds”, beginnings and endings have a way of being anything but. This makes being 100% sure about which song is which a little difficult. Luckily, as a whole, it is engaging and benefits from its interconnectedness.

Wandering riffs collide together unexpectedly. Uneven grooves morph into the ethereal for just a second and then back to the twitchy and explosive.

It is as enjoyable as it is stimulating. And who doesn’t like that?


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