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John Elliott’s Outer Space seems to be moving further and further inside. Or is it the opposite direction – further out towards the external, the interactive? Whatever you want to call it, this new track is positively hot for my private dance floor. “Arrival and Assessment” is shown here in an abridged form, which only leaves me begging for me. Because I’m the one dancing; because I’m the one drooling over the mastering job done by lake interpreter Neel; because I’m the one blown backwards by the Takeshi Murata-style photo by Alecia Tuggle gracing the cover, all after-kid’s-birthday-party-before-the-second-sugar-crash-bliss.

But really, I’m online and alone, clicking away at the MacBook that stares at me when I’m sleeping, zoning in on my own outer space. At least Elliott seems to have friends after Emeralds – here he is joined by longtime collaborator Andrew Veres. “Arrival” is a roomy, warm, and beautifully mixed komische dance-odyssey: quality music to be alone to or together with, creepingly beautiful, and promising of a beautiful new afterlife for Outer Space. Get it from Mego.

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