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Os Noctàmbulos — Outsider 7″


A year after releasing their debut LP, “Corsica Garden,” Paris garage rock group Os Noctàmbulos has released a new record entitled “Outsider.” Opting for a more anthemic edge to their songwriting, the two tracks on the record keeps your adrenaline pumping, if only for a short few minutes each. What the songs lack in length, they make up for in chunky rhythms and acidic licks.

Immediately striking in both tracks is the broad squeal of a Farfisa organ, which transports the listener back to the 60s. This overtone of retro psychedelia is joined by classic garage rock fuzz and plenty of attitude, mostly thanks to frontman Nick Wheeldon’s sneering vocals. The title track, “Outsider,” bursts into existence with a hypnotic organ and bass riff, accented by off-center guitar fills. When the drummer kicks in with the full kit, the track gets more amped up, though dissolutions back into a more trippy sound interrupt the straightforward progression. The second track, “Watching You,” follows a similar trend in its course. The part that stands out the most is the organ work during the chorus, which takes on an almost eastern lilt. In addition, a catchy interlude riff spins on itself, and increases the song’s energy tenfold. The abrupt ending is childish, yet perfect for the spunky anthem and the brief album.

The “Outsider” 7″ should hold fans over while Os Noctàmbulos works on their second full-length. These tracks won’t be found on that forthcoming release, but can be streamed and downloaded online. The hyper-cool album artwork, is also worth a mention. Completed by Brighton-based artist Martin Butler, the cover features a crazy-eyed eagle whose feathers meld into a city skyline. It’s not clear which induces more frenzy — the eagle’s expression or the fast-paced record itself.

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