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2013 was a big year in terms of reissues, collections, and demo compilations, from the release of the 17-piece Can boxset released on Mute/Spoon Records to the Omnivore Recordings releases (Gene Clark’s White Light Demos, Merle Haggrd and George Jones singles collection 10”s, etc.). In the realm of world hardcore, 2013 saw the reissue of the first three EPs from Swedish d-beat masters Anti-Cimex (out on Nada Nada/Spicoli Discos) and the second EP from Brazil’s Olho Seco. Formed in 1980, and resuming activity in 1998 after a 9 year hiatus, Olho Seco play a fast and raw style of hardcore that earned them a reputation as one of Brazil’s premiere acts. The EP, out on Your Poison Records, shows Olho Seco at their best, refining the thrashing hardcore of Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes and predating their foray into Confuse-style noise punk with releases like Fome Nuclear and Olho Por Olho. Olho Seco features five track, two studio recordings including the definitive Isto É Olho Seco, on the A-side and three live songs on the B-side. While the B-side is nowhere near as good, the strength of the songs makes the roughness of the recording less of an issue and the A-side more than makes up for any short comings. An excellent slab from this seminal Brazilian act.

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