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OG Swaggerdick – “Fuck Gentrification”

OG Swaggerdick plays NEU3 @ Art Farm on 6/16


Best tune I’ve heard yet addressing the destruction of the Boston I grew up in and as my father would also put it, the Boston he grew up in. OG SWAGGERDICK, long Boston’s greatest oddball rap hope since the days of EDAN and MR. LIF (if you ask me) gives it to us straight. But straight is still w/ a smirk for OG, and that’s part of what’s so appealing about this track. It’s bringing up this capitalist steamroller of a problem, being felt in all cities where people want to live (including our own apparently cherry city), and hopefully getting some conversations started in some places where they may not already be happening (and hopefully getting some people angry in the process). The track isn’t full of answers. It’s more of a “Fuck You” track than a “Here’s some ideas…” track.

That’s OK though. “Fuck a $5 donut.” More socially conscious than a lot of underground music I truly connect with, and certainly not trapped in its own bubble in being so. These are real problems. Affecting a lot of people. A lot of different kinds of people. OG Swaggerdick is from Dorchester and he rightfully raps here about the destruction of Black, Asian, Latino, Puerto Rican, Dominican and Haitian culture. It’s happening all over the city. In Dorchester, In JP. In Somerville. In Allston. In Roxbury. Downtown. Everywhere. And it’s happening to the white working class and the working artist class too, no matter their color. It’s happening right now in this fucking city, these cities. And not even a whisper of any RENT CONTROL. Make songs about all this shit. Get people together. Play those fucking songs. This song is a fucking class unification anthem. “Fuck gentrification. Turn em’ back to vacants.”

OG Swaggerdick headlines DAY 2 of Boston Hassle’s NEU 3 Music Fest OUTDOORS on 6/16 @ Art Farm in Somerville, MA


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