Hassle Fest, Went There



Remember when LIGHTNING BOLT sdlgknp’d up the night way back in November? Maybe you had to step outside to breath something other than human breath, or maybe you went deaf partway through and only heard the first half. Maybe you were a dumb idiot who went to New York that weekend. Well now you can watch all 40 minutes of it in the comfort of your own home whilst lounging on the ottoman with a fine glass of scotch, or out on the veranda maybe, swaying softly in your mahogany rocking chair while brushing up on your knowledge of bird calls. Hell, use it as a lullaby. Consider this your personal little bottle of Lightning Bolt without all the smelly and painful side effects. Take it out on special occasions and watch the soaking wet crowd slosh around like a single organism, secreting a brown steam that hovers visibly near the ceiling. It almost looks like LIGHTNING BOLT is trying to charm the crowd like a snake with their shit-stained rainbow silver power jams. But those dudes just end up pissing the snake off fiercer, and a psychedelic battle ensues. Some seriously amazing musicianship (Brian Chip picks up knocked-over drums like no other), relentless passion from all parties, and fantastic cinematography (especially the POV mosh shots) can be found in this video. Thank you LIGHTNING BOLT for continually radiating Boston with your probably toxic waves. Check out Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson’s other work because they rock the nonmusical mediums (videogames, comics, prints, etc.) mad hard as well.

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