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I am a fan of this band’s first phase, my fandom ceasing with the onset of the band and it’s leader Kevin Barnes’ redirection into theatrical electro pop. I thought the guy was essentially a pop genius, and I realize that after many records you will need to stretch it out and try new things as an artist. Barnes had been doing that all along anyway; from power pop on through ridiculous incredible and strange indie pop concept albums, and back to essentially power pop again (as only this Athens, GA band could create). So it makes sense that he went to electro pop, but for me that shit didn’t work. The breaking point for me was SATANIC PANIC IN THE ATTIC (which I love) and whatever record followed that (which I have put out of my head), so I haven’t been an active listener in quite some time. Every time I checked in, when I did, I wasn’t feeling it. I thought it was over. I thought of MONTREAL had gone and BECKED me. But, but here comes a glimmer of hope in the first single “Fugitive Air” off the band’s soon to be released record LOUSY WITH SYLVIANBRIAR (Polyvinyl Records). I’ll have to hear the whole record before making final judgements, but this country rock tune is quite possibly a return to form. Here is a stylistic redirect that I can get with, especially if the slide guitar, and serpentine chord progressions make appearances throughout the record. The closest thing I can muster in comparison would be the few times indeed that early-BECK dabbled in country rock. I could come back into the fold, and that would be a pretty amazing turnaround if that did happen. We’ll see. Enjoy this though, especially if you are coming from a place similar to my own.

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