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NOTS quickly became one of my favorite bands currently working in the region of post-punk when I heard their DUST RED 7″ that came out on GONER last year. The all female Memphis trio (now a quartet I guess) added a second 7″ to their discography in early summer 2014 as they released the FIX/ MODERN 7″, again on GONER (a label which, if you are into punk of any kind or wilder garage rock, you are already certainly familiar with). A debut LP, WE ARE NOTS, will also arrive on GONER this November, but I haven’t put my ears to that yet. So let’s sit with that latest 7″ for a moment as we wait for the LP.

Featuring a member of MANATEES and an ex-member of EX-CULT, NOTS tear it up in a post-punk style that hues closer to the punk end of things in the vein of KLEENEX/LILLIPUT or DESPERATE BICYCLES. A shaggy, but fierce, forever propulsive punk bop attack, multiple voices often crowding in together to better make whatever the point of each particular song is, and do so just a bit more loudly & forcefully. “Fix” from the latest GONER 7″ is a smash in the face if I ever heard one, with a great cascading chorus. Still as raw as hell, this 7″ is a decent sonic leap toward less-low fidelity from that first 7″. Never lose the scuzz completely though ladies, for it suits you. Absolutely ripping and touring soon for that new LP (though not to Boston dammit). If you listen make sure you have enough space around you for proper pogo-ing and violent fist pumping. Listen to NOTS, they will invigorate you.

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