Notches – Change My Mind EP


NOTCHES is amazing! Just wanted to get that out of the way before I perform my job as a “music critic” where I attempt to deconstruct a band’s sound into the sum of their more recognizable influences so that you, the reader, can assess whether or not it’s something up your alley. But then you run across a band like NOTCHES whose sound has been compared to “grungy and LEMONHEADS-like.” And while I guess that’s true, it’s also completely not true. Stay with me here. I hated the 90s while living through them and hate them even more when I hear bands whose members weren’t even born until after that decade was long over, attempt to re-create sounds from that time. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t killer bands from that decade. Hell, even lame bands from back then might have had a killer song or album. In fact, you’re reading writing by a guy who has had the GOO GOO DOLLS third album, “Hold Me Up”, on repeat for a better part of this month.

So what does any of the above rambling have to do with New Hampshire’s NOTCHES? Well, every now and then you run across a band that has brilliantly synthesized a lifetime’s worth of “good music” into a singular sound. In trying to dissect NOTCHES’ music, yes, you hear some LEMONHEADS and GIN BLOSSOMS and SUPERCHUNK (aka GOOD 90s bands). But you also hear some great 2000s emo (THE ANNIVERSARY, GET UP KIDS, etc.), some pop punk, some JAWBREAKER-esque pop punk, and even the sounds of contemporary NE bands like SAVE ENDS. So what do NOTCHES actually sounds like? I dunno, man? Emo-pop-punk, I guess? Does that help? Probably not. Because I can easily see NOTCHES rising above being a “genre” band and into a band that your mother has heard on whatever satellite radio station she listens to in her CRV. Yes, they’re that good. Great songs. Great singing. Great production. So catch them now before they (deservedly) sell out for a lot of $$$.

“Change my Mind” is available on their Bandcamp site or on cassette or 7” from NY’s best label, Dead Broke Rekerds, or on 7” from Cat Dead. Man, you have a lot of options! Or buy it at a show. Like the one happening this Friday!

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