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Noname – Room 25

Transcendent Neo-Jazz for the Soul


Blues for the lonesome, jazz for the contemplative, and truth for the unapologetic.

Poetically intertwined, Noname’s album, Room 25, boasts a series of soothing and intent monologues. Debuting in September of last year, her music intriguingly lines the fourth-wall. Held within a marvelous cacophony of neo-jazz, Noname’s style is highlighted by poignant verses of lounge-rap, with each track claiming its own narrative.

This 2-year long awaited album, following her initial hit album Telefone (2016), marks the progression of Noname’s stardom. Originally deep from within Chicago’s slam poetry scene, she found accolades in her collaborations with artists Chance the Rapper and Jamila Woods. Her newest album shows no hesitation towards her artistic ingenuity and charisma.

Room 25 cleverly confronts systemic injustice in America through close-to-heart stories about coming of age. As womanhood carries her through heartbreak and professional ascension, she wittily addresses her relationship with herself as an artist and the world around her.

These acoustics will have you jumping wildly on the trampoline you begged your parents to get and, in combination with the calming tone-of-it-all, you’ll slowly come back down to Earth – convinced you should lay face-up instead. Look up. The milky sky will hush you too and then you’ll listen.

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