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High Energy Vintage is located in Somerville, Massachusetts at 1242 Broadway, near Teele Square. They specialize in old-school video games, Polaroid cameras, records, vintage clothing/footwear, and general vintage electronica.

Visit: DiscoVisionVintage.Com
Directed, edited, and scored by Mark Robinson.
Thanks to Wiley of High Energy Vintage.
Filmed on August 5, 2014.
Premiered on October 27, 2014.

A Short Film Mini-Series Focusing on Interesting Retail Spaces

This is STO–, a short film miniseries focused on unique and interesting interior spaces, almost always retail stores. Sto is short for “store.” Come back each week and watch a brand new exciting and thrilling episode.

Brief documentary films. Movie trailers for retail stores. One and a half minute T.V. commercials that won’t air on television. You may also subscribe to Sto as a video podcast via our handy-dandy podcasting partner.

MARK ROBINSON is a hero of American underground & D.I.Y. culture. Not only is he the founder and operator of the legendary TEENBEAT RECORDS (they recently released the SOMERVILLE SPEAKOUT CD), but he was also a member of bands that I love quite a bit including UNREST, and FLIN FLON. Currently living in the local burg of Cambridge, MA, he performs in the duo COTTON CANDY with his wife Evelyn Hurley, among other uses of his time. All text in bold above by Mark Robinson.

Visit Mark @ and see the rest of the STO series as he publishes them:
– Dan

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