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You just cannot keep a good LOG down. And FORM A LOG is not just a LOG, but a LOG among LOGS (no offense to the REN AND STIMPY or TWIN PEAKS varieties). Their LOGNESS, Schofield/ Anthony/ Weaver, are back. There’s a new record coming out on Hassle favorite BATHETIC RECORDS called FOR THE RECORD, which “Blender” is from. Will Mayo also had some other new FORM A LOG related record over @ DEEP THOUGHTS the other day, a comp, or split or something, not sure. So, yeah, that also exists, whatever that is. But freak my fuck if these 3 are not just shredding a fully realized, and new landscape of what music that you can dance to (and move your body in other ways to), and have fun to even, IS. Every new FORM A LOG track that has come along for a long time now has just been, “Awesome”, I said. The standing up to attention of the senses, and a growing joy, are the responses that the music of these men surely evokes.

There are not many true PLAYAS in the rhythmic noise game, but KNOW THIS: FORM A LOG is one of them.

Noise splattered, relentless beat stutter-collage-stutter-collage music softly burrowing into the mind of a people who have fallen prey to a new perspective. It just really feels like this BATHETIC record must be the event horizon for these guys. Will they be obliterated into a million pieces by an unknown nothingness? Or is there something amazing around the corner for FORM A LOG? Go read BATHETIC’s notes about this band and this album. The air is thick with hyperbole over there, which I mean, is just par for the course as record label’s go when speaking of their own bands. And generally such statements would be a turnoff of sorts, because bands rarely ever live up to such talk. That’s how I would feel, If I didn’t know any better about FORM A LOG. But I do know better. I do. You’ll find love for this band strewn all across this very website.

“Blender” comes from the soon to be released FOR THE RECORD. The track itself is an hypnotic squealing grinder of unstoppable kick drum, watery organ, and all manner of tape hiss and static interjection. Melodies waft in and out during the song’s brief 3 minutes. And what else??? Well, as you get pulled into the vortex by the coaxing drones and its brother squelch, look down @ your feet. Check out what your arms are doing. You are going nuts, and I am going nuts. And if you are not going nuts, then you have at least thought about going nuts, and it is up to you to work through the issues that you have so that you may be free… to go nuts. Epic and alien dance jams. In pop song length nuggets. I keep coming back to BLACK DICE when thinking about these guys. Not because their sound is so similar, though there’s no harm in saying that there are sonic intersections and overlap (though achieved via different processes). No, the connection for me between the two bands is simply the recognition of their rare shared ability to coerce a wonky groove out of a collection of disparate seeming, and often ugly sounding and rhythmically bent parts. FORM A LOG’s music just drives me CRAAAAAAAAZZZZZY!!!

Wonderfully freaky video featuring a judge getting turned onto the FORM A LOG argument with a little help from some sunglasses and some diet pepsi was created by the excellent NC based maker of underground art music vids Chrissy Jones (whose videos have been previously featured on our site at least here & here) with Roth Whom.

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