Neutral Fixation is a Western Mass hardcore punk act now on hiatus. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to catch them live for a while, but they do have a new cassette coming out in the near future on Drugged Conscience containing two EPs and an album recorded at Sonelab – if I’m correctly remembering what I was told. These recordings feature some of the band’s strongest tracks as well as rerecorded versions of classic jams like Fixed and 9th Fixation. The two tracks that make up the album contain the band’s most abstract recorded material to date, sounding like a crude form of krautrock built on top of their usual mix of garage punk, hardcore punk, thrash, and psychedelic rock. While their brand of spastic hardcore is strong, the band really shines when it is at its weirdest. The LP excerpt starts off in standard territory before gradually eviscerating itself and leaving the listener somewhere off in space in haze of guitar feedback and angular soloing. As you wait for the new tape to be released, you can listen to most of the band’s music the Tampered Reels bandcamp.

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