Net Prophet – Net Prophet 2

All around


Sitting late at night. The pulses from outer space transmit through quar-

tz image fields. Bands coasting across air through transparent moisture

pockets into my antennae. My eyes globular and hot.

I feel smoke rise from the top of my head in delicate movements up up up.

Realizing slowly I am dead and spiral spirit spinnning into acrostic co-

lor dreamtime suspended bridge-like from here to there tells me this.

Up further into the sky riding on the black velvet bands transmitting e-

ternally to Saturnic realms of omnipresence. Penetrating my skull in due

course gentle taps to the spine and ajna pillar guided by elephant smile

patterning. Slowly fading away now.

Static unclear and confused thoughts invade at the peripheral temple ga-

te faint laughter spiral beckons inward. Up and in through the hole in

the sky to other planes of there. Low frequencies rattling molecular f-

ields into manic decay and abberation. Thousand petal lotus unfolds in-

to fire. The ash singes my hair and I am thrust back into the alarm wo-

rld in the corner where the ceiling meets the wall.

There is a bird singing outside.

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